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27 June: news in brief

Passenger satisfaction scores rise

PEOPLE are happier with their train journeys than before, according to new survey figures from Transport Focus. The National Rail Passenger Survey has reported that ‘overall’ passenger satisfaction rose to 83 per cent this spring, compared with 79 per cent last autumn and 81 per cent a year ago. Satisfaction with performance was significantly higher at 77 per cent, compared with 72 per cent a year ago. The average figure was boosted by rises on Great Western Railway, up by 6 per cent, and on Southeastern, which was up by 5 per cent. The greatest increase compared with a year ago was on Southern, whose overall satisfaction score has risen by 12 per cent. The figures for some other operators have also risen. Transport Focus chief executive Anthony Smith said: ‘More improvement is essential, but it must be hoped the positive changes captured by the latest National Rail Passenger Survey are the start of a trend.’

Eurostar relaxes alcohol ban

EUROSTAR has told its passengers that they are welcome to bring alcohol on board its trains, after previously imposing a strict limit which ruled out any spirits and only allowed one bottle of wine. Eurostar now says news coverage over the last few days had made it clear that the previous wording on its website had not been a true reflection of its policy. The guidance is now ‘We appreciate that passengers often want to bring a few bottles back from their trip and we are happy for customers to bring unopened bottles of alcohol to take on to their destination. Any passengers with large quantities can use EuroDespatch, our registered luggage service.’ Eurostar originally made the changes last year, but they have only been reported recently, sparking protests. There are still limits on how much opened alcohol can be taken through check in, and intoxicated passengers can be refused permission to travel.