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‘Stark reminder’ after HGV bridge bash closed line

THE Whitby branch is expected to reopen tomorrow (Friday) after a bridge on the line was damaged by a high goods vehicle.

A skip wagon struck the bridge at the bottom of Langburn’s Bank, close to Castleton Moor, on Monday.

Network Rail said the structure was struck ‘with such force’ that the girders were deflected and the track itself was dislodged. The incident has prompted NR to issue a ‘stark reminder’ to HGV drivers about observing traffic signs on the approach to low bridges.

Nothern train services between Middlesbrough and Whitby have been suspended since then, while engineers carried out assessments and short-term repairs.

Buses have been replacing the through service on the branch, while trains have continued to run from Whitby as far as Danby.

The road under the bridge is also closed to traffic until readings from monitoring equipment on the bridge are satisfactory. Network Rail said the road was expected to re-open ‘in the coming days’.

Services to Whitby operated by the heritage North York Moors Railway had also been put at risk, but these are now expected to restart as planned on 24 March.

In January this year, Network Rail called for an end to the ‘entirely avoidable stupidity’ of ‘irresponsible’ lorry drivers who crash into railway bridges, either because they don’t know the height of their vehicles or didn’t take any notice of the road signs.

Firms operating HGVs have also been warned that Network Rail will seek to recover the costs of damage and delays.

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  • Noam Bleicher, Oxford

    Autonomous vehicles can't come soon enough. 99% of incidents are down to human error.

  • Chris F, Basel

    Who pays in cases like this? Both the repair costs, and the costs to the railway company of the bus replacement, and any compensation paid to passengers?
    I hope it is the owner of the lorry. This is damage due to negligence.