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Anger after ‘dangerous’ crowding at Redhill station

Crowds at Redhill

Dylan Myers/BBC

SOUTHERN is conducting an urgent internal review after large crowds built up at Redhill station on Sunday. Rail replacement buses arranged during Network Rail engineering work on the Brighton Main Line apparently failed to provide enough capacity.

The operator has been accused of failing to take action by Reigate MP Crispin Blunt, who said the company had been warned in advance that its plans were not sufficient.

Angry passengers described ’stampedes’ around Redhill station as passengers trying to reach Gatwick Airport failed to get on board a bus or a train. At least one passenger told the BBC that she missed her flight as a result.

RMT general secretary Mick Cash said: “GTR should be stripped of this franchise and the public sector brought in before there's a major tragedy."

Southern has apologised and promised a review, which is already under way.

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  • Mrchive, Redhill

    I should think there will be more angry scenes in May once the new timetable comes into effect which sees Redhill train services downgraded even further.
    Fast trains to London Victoria replaced by stoppers
    No direct trains between London and Tonbridge
    Loss of off-peak morning and evening trains to south coast
    Being served by fewer trains going further than Gatwick

    In the last few years the direct journey opportunities from Redhill have deteriorated significantly with the loss of Arun Valley services, direct services to Tunbridge Wells, Maidstone West and Brighton. These services have been replaced by slower trains that only go as far as Reigate, Tonbridge and Gatwick Airport.
    And have the trains fares been reduced in light of fewer direct trains and longer journey times to local places like Horley, Crawley and Horsham? No, they've gone up.

    As one of the busiest stations on the BML it is severely under served compared to less busier stations.
    And as per usual Redhill passengers always bear the brunt of any new 'timetable improvements' implement. Why always the raw deal for Redhill?

  • Chris Neville-Smith, Durham

    The Clapham Junction Rail Crash happened when services were run by BR. Will Mick Cash be consistent with his logic and blame that on public ownership?

    If not, why should anyone believe his argument that the services bring run by GTR automatically makes them the cause of this?

  • Andrew Gwilt , Basildon Essex

    The station itself needs to be redeveloped to cope with rush hour overcrowding. Since the new platform 0 was built for London bound Southern trains and Thameslink trains heading towards London, St. Albans and Luton to & from Horsham, Three Bridges and Brighton. And platform 1 that is being used as a turn back for GWR Reading-Gatwick Airport service.