Posted 5th May 2016 | 1 Comment

Cable fire causes major disruption at Waterloo

A CABLE fire is disrupting many South West Trains services in London, and Clapham Junction station has been closed because of overcrowding.

Firefighters were called to Vauxhall station at about 03.00 today (5 May), and South West Trains warned that many of its services to Waterloo were being cancelled or terminated at suburban stations.

The fire was reported to be out by 09.00, but four of the eight main running lines through the area were closed.

Passengers were being diverted to alternative routes, but serious overcrowding has been reported on some trains.

SWT said disruption was expected to continue for the rest of the day, with delays of 60min being reported.

The cause of the fire is not yet known.

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  • Chris Green, Huddersfield

    An establishment of what caused this fire might not have been reported yet, but I wouldn't bet against it being done by those who simply do it for a laugh.
    [The considered view -- not yet confirmed -- is that it was probably caused by arcing.--Editor.]