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Inquiry launched into Plymouth collision

THE Rail Accident Investigation Branch has launched an inquiry into a collision between two trains at Plymouth station on the afternoon of 3 April in which 18 people were reported hurt, although none seriously.

The accident involved two Great Western trains. One, an HST which was about to depart as the 15.42 to London Paddington, was standing at Platform 6 when a four-car Class 150 unit forming the 13.39 from Penzance to Exeter St Davids collided with it. Both trains were damaged by the impact, but no derailment was reported.

A GWR spokesman said the collision had been at low speed -- less than 10mph (16km/h) -- and train services through Plymouth were halted for about 90 minutes. The station reopened shortly before 17.00.

In a statement, GWR said: "We can confirm a low-speed collision between two trains at Plymouth at around 15.30.

"A number of people suffered cuts and bruises and have been looked after by GWR staff and local ambulance crews; seven were taken to hospital and we are assisting them in any way they require.

“Our thoughts are with our passengers and staff, and we wish them a speedy recovery. We are also grateful for the quick and professional response of emergency services.

“Contact details for the majority of passengers were collected on site, but we would urge anyone involved in the incident who left the station beforehand to get in touch.

“We will work with the British Transport Police and the Rail Accident Investigation Branch as they seek to establish the full circumstances of the incident. It is too early to say exactly what happened, but we are doing everything we can to help the investigation."

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  • Chris Green, Huddersfield

    It's a good thing that the Class 150 did not enter the platform any faster than 20mph. There are speed boards beside the track approaching a station for a reason, and 10mph speed limits decrease the chance of a serious fatality happening. Whether a platform is occupied or not, it will always be advisable to not enter a platform faster than 10mph. My thoughts go out to those involved in the crash I hope everyone recovered.