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CrossCountry train damaged by empty car

POLICE in the Midlands arrested a man after a CrossCountry train collided with an empty car on a level crossing.

The collision occurred near Burton upon Trent at 19.25 on Monday evening, and police said the driver of the car was found uninjured nearby.
The train continued for 500 metres after the crash at Clay Mills, but remained on the rails. Paramedics checked the three members of the train crew and 39 passengers, but did not report any injuries.
West Midlands Ambulance Service spokesman said: "The car involved had been destroyed by the impact, but fortunately the train hadn't derailed."
A 35-year old man has been arrested on suspicion of obstructing the railway.

Reader Comments:

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  • Peter Cox, Polegate

    It is not obvious yet the circumstances of how the car got onto the Railway.
    There have been instances where people have turned onto the railway lines
    in error with Satnav being a feature. Difficult to understand why the car would be at this location as the Road only goes to a Pumping Station. These barriers are CCTV and protected by Railway Signalling. The Crossing must be viewed before signals are cleared. I think there has been a general modification of the working instructions for this type of crossing. It used to be the case that the lowering sequence was monitored by the Signaller to ensure nobody was on the Crossing whilst barriers lowered and there was a hold/pause function. I understand now the Signaller does not watch the lowering procedure but only checks the crossing before signals are cleared for the approaching train

  • Tony Pearce, Reading

    Whilst not commenting on this case, I have managed to stall my Car on a very bumpy half-gate level crossing several years ago. Just as I started to go over the Bells and Lights went off, and I braked and stopped just where the barriers were to come down. So I tried to accelerate hard and quickly - and stalled. For about 10 very panic stricken seconds I tried to restart it and flooded the engine. I was just about to tell my passengers to get out and run (apparently we had 29 seconds from the moment the bells sound at that crossing if it was the fastest train at 100 mph) when it restarted. I have noticed that at Level Crossings virtually all cars slow down and the driver actually looks up and down the tracks to make sure that nothing is coming, - probably a habit you develop at every road junction.