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McLoughlin to stay in top transport job

PATRICK McLoughlin has accepted the job of transport secretary in David Cameron's new government. Mr McLoughlin had been transport secretary since 2012, when he joined the DfT just after the Intercity West Coast franchise competition had collapsed.

Since then he has been the minister chiefly responsible for rescuing the Department's becalmed rail franchising programme.

His re-appointment has been welcomed by the Campaign for Better Transport.

The CBT's chief executive Stephen Joseph said: "The transport secretary faces a range of challenges to get this country moving and craft a transport system which is sustainable, efficient and fair. Patrick McLoughlin must make the right decisions on the important issues of rail fares, rail franchising, buses and roads which all have a strong impact on people’s everyday lives.  

"He must also act to create a more sustainable transport system that works for communities across the country, do more to improve air pollution following the recent Supreme Court ruling and ensure that spending focuses on meeting our future transport needs."

The names of Mr McLoughlin's ministers have yet to be announced, although it is already known that minister of state Baroness Kramer is leaving the DfT.

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  • jak jay, eastleigh

    Oh dear another 5 years of this incompetent. still First Group/Vermin/Stagecoach will be rubbing their hands now the chief lobbyist for more of their franchise's is still in the job

  • Graham Nalty, Derby

    With the recent House of Lords report on HS2, Mr McLoughlin needs to look much more critically at HS2 and direct HS2 Ltd. in the direction of providing jobs at the cities along the route. There is a lot in the HS2 plans that is not optimal in terms of job creation and connectivity with the current rail network and Mr McLoughlin needs to listen more carefully to views of the public rather than acting as a 'Chief Whip' for HS2 Ltd., buffering public concern away from HS2 Ltd.

  • Melvyn Windebank, Canvey Island, Essex

    I may be wrong but the last time a Transport Secretary remained in post after an election might have been Ernest Marples?

    The news that Patrick McLoughlin remains in post is good for transport and especially railways given projects like the ongoing Crossrail and Thameslink and progress with HS2 and hopefully Boris can ensure Osbournes offer for part funding Crossrail 2 is still available so that project can begin progress through parliament !