Posted 15th April 2015 | 1 Comment

Conservatives promise more electrification

THE Conservative manifesto has indicated that present railway electrification projects would be extended to south west England and more lines in East Anglia if the party forms the next government after the election on 7 May,

More than £100 billion has been earmarked for infrastructure schemes, including 'the biggest investment in rail since Victorian times'.

The manifesto reaffirms Conservative backing for HS2 and HS3, and also promises to 'push forward' with plans for Crossrail 2 in London.

The real terms freeze on regulated train fares is also included, and would apply throughout the life of the next Parliament. The basis for any increases would continue to be the Retail Price Index, but train companies would not be allowed to go beyond that.

Smart ticketing is also on the agenda, while train operators will be required to improve compensation for passengers when trains are 'more than a few minutes late'. The installation of new wi-fi equipment on trains will continue, accompanied by improvements in the quality of mobile phone signals.

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  • jak jay, sheffield

    So most investment south of Birmingham,no change there then!
    as for the 'freeze ' on rail fares good luck with that