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Snow Hill station could be rebuilt

PLANS have been unveiled to rebuild Snow Hill station as part of a wider redevelopment scheme in Birmingham.

The proposals would convert the area into a West Midlands version of London Docklands, according to the scheme's sponsors.

The Snow Hill Masterplan has been published by Birmingham City Council and Colmore Business District, and would take 20 years to complete. It is already set to house the construction headquarters of HS2 Ltd, and upgrading the area to rival Canary Wharf is intended to attract more blue-chip firms to the city, such as international banks.

It is thought that the scheme would provide more than 200,000 sq metres of new office space and create 10,000 new jobs, boosting the local economy by more than £600 million a year.

Improving Snow Hill station and its related transport links is an integral part of the plans. The tram route which presently terminates there will soon continue onwards to New Street, and further extensions are being discussed. The station's multi-storey car park could be replaced by new commercial buildings.

Birmingham City Council leader Sir Albert Bore said: "Birmingham is putting in place the building blocks for a global business and financial centre. The city is already investing heavily to ensure that firms have everything they need to thrive here.

“The Snow Hill Masterplan provides a bold and exciting proposal for how Birmingham can continue to grow its thriving business and professional services sector. With time, we want the city to replicate the success of Canary Wharf, with areas like the Snow Hill district forming the cornerstone of this vision."

Gary Cardin, who chairs Colmore Business District, added: "The plan outlines how Snow Hill station’s car park will be replaced with new office buildings, while a new concourse area will be created and new walking routes provided through the station. It also includes the transformation of the A38, to create a new urban boulevard connecting the neighbouring Jewellery and Gun Quarters, and the creation of a new urban neighbourhood in the Steelhouse Lane area. It is designed to support existing investments including the £30 million restoration of the historic Grand Hotel, the arrival of HS2’s new construction headquarters at Two Snowhill – which will employ 1,500 people – and the extension of Midland Metro."

A consultation on the plans will run from 9 February until 23 March.

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  • david c smith, milton keynes

    I wonder whether it might be feasible to put in a new connacting spur north of Snow Hill, in the Handsworth area so as to alow traains from Snow Hill to reach Wolverhampton and beyond, either via the Stour Valley line or via Perry Bar and Willenhall.

    If so, this could open up various new possibilities both for longer-distance and for local traffics.