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£360m electrification and plant frameworks agreed

NETWORK RAIL has awarded five framework agreements worth a total of £360 million for electrical renewals and upgrades on the Kent, Sussex and Wessex routes over the next five years.

The agreements, awarded by the company’s Infrastructure Projects Southern division, cover the bulk of the Region’s electrification renewal and enhancement work-bank in CP5, which runs from 2014 to 2019.

The five contracts that have been awarded are:

HV Feeders (£100m) – BCM Construction and McNicholas Construction Services
Substations (£220m) – Siemens and High Voltage Maintenance Services
Other Electrical (£40m) - McNicholas Construction Services

Network Rail said the frameworks 'are intended to encourage and facilitate suppliers working closely with project teams in order to improve the programming of the work and reduce peaks and troughs during the control period as well as allowing suppliers to invest in training, development and education over the next five-year period'.

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  • Martin, Haywards Heath

    I wonder what the incremantal cost would be of electrifrying the Uckfield line and Ashford to Ore as part of this?