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Birmingham residents 'positive' about HS2 plan

THE NEW High Speed station in central Birmingham will act as a catalyst for regeneration, a public meeting has been told. The meeting had been called by some concerned residents in Digbeth, who feared that the new terminal will isolate their area, and separate it from central Birmingham.

One of their concerns is that no exit is planned on the Digbeth side of the station.

But residents were reported to be feeling 'positive' after discussions at the meeting where a statement was heard from HS2 Ltd, the company which is developing the plans for the Government.

The meeting had been called by Digbeth Residents Association, which says it is not against HS2 in principle, but wants its concerns heard and dealt with.

In its statement, HS2 Ltd said that it outlined proposals for residents, highlighting the opportunities for the regeneration of the area
and was advising them on how to get involved.

Birmingham City Council's strategic director of planning and regeneration Mark Barrow attended the meeting. He said: "I think HS2 is a huge opportunity for the city. We are working really hard to make the best of it for people who are directly affected."

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  • Jbzoom, guildford

    The reason we can't have an Aylesbury Parkway or a Staffordshire Parkway is that these would reduce capacity for London to Scotland and the North East and increase the time taken to reach those destinations.

  • Melvyn Windebank, Canvey Island, Essex

    Jamie High speed railways are about runnoing fast trains Not stopping about 5 minutes out of town!!

    The French tried this option and now have many expensive under used Stations on their TGV network!!

    Much easier to catch a train to Marylebone and change to 205 bus or a taxi to Euston!!

  • Stephen, Luton

    That's not a bad suggestion Jamie! An Aylesbury Parkway could satisfy and benefit the local Chiltern population. Integrate it with the East-West rail project, and you have a well connected high-speed hub with Bedford, Oxford and Milton Keynes.

  • Jamie, Sheffield (formerly of Farnborough)

    Isn't it interesting how those that will benefit from this scheme are behind it whereas those that won't benefit, but also won't necessarily suffer from it, are generally against.

    Maybe an 'Aylesbury Parkway' station will change the opinions of Chiltern residents?