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Adelantes return to Great Western

FIRST GREAT WESTERN has introduced Class 180 Adelantes on its North Cotswolds line. The move turns back the clock by about a decade, because the Alstom-built 180s were formerly used on the GWML between London and Bristol but later transferred elsewhere because of technical problems.

Five units, each of five cars, are displacing the diesel Turbos which have been used to provide services between London, Oxford and Worcester.

First Great Western Managing Director Mark Hopwood said: “I am delighted to be able to launch the return of these trains to the Great Western Network.

“Progress has remained on target for the vehicles to be in place before the end of the summer. This will mean virtually all the peak time services we run from Worcester and Great Malvern will now be offered by high speed Class 180s rather than turbos, with five carriages rather than three.

“These trains are more comfortable on board, there are more tables for the seats and they can travel faster."

The trains are also to be fitted with Wifi by the end of the year.

The change comes as the Department continues to consider how long the First Great Western franchise should continue past the previous termination date of 1 April next year. A DfT spokesman has told Railnews that an extension to July is to be expected, because the tendering process for the next franchise is running behind schedule.

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  • Billy Bell, Neither, UK

    These sets should be with first Transpennine express for the Manchester - Scotland routes. If first get the west coast franchise maybe they can come to an agreement to take back these services, as virgin west coast previously had.