Posted 8th June 2012 | 2 Comments

More prosecuted for level crossing misuse

MORE THAN 2,400 people have been caught and charged with breaking the law at level crossings by three Network Rail/BTP enforcement vans in London, the south east of England and Scotland. 

The figures have been released as Network Rail announced it will be adding 10 further vans to its surveillance fleet this year to deter more motorists and pedestrians from taking a risk by darting across after the lights and klaxons have begun, or even swerving around barriers.

All the devolved Network Rail routes will have at least one van. London North East and Anglia, where there are more than 2,800 level crossings, will have three and two respectively.

Reader Comments:

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  • Nick Roberts, Sydney NS

    The railway crossing problem was created by money saving cutbacks dating back years. Robust crossing gates were replaced, in the majority of cases, by unmanned flimsy half barriers. I would like to read the safety case to justify that action!
    Given UK's culture of Health & Safety how on earth can half barriers be deemed to be safe given the number of fatalities that have occurred and will continue to occur at this type of crossing. The odd fine is not the solution. The police vans will only be effective while they are present. If Network Rail are truly concerned with safety then their aim should be to instal full barriers as standard at all level crossings.

  • HH, Birmingham

    What stands out is that if ONE of these idiots died as result Network Rail (Railways) would get it in the neck
    Meanwhile DfT would come out on side of idiot