Posted 8th June 2012 | 1 Comment

Further strike threat at Tyne & Wear Metro

A STRIKE by RMT members on the Tyne & Wear Metro on Thursday 7 June is set to be followed by another on 21 June, unless a dispute over pay is resolved in the meantime.

The latest offer from Metro operator DB Regio amounts to 2.1 per cent, according to the RMT, which has described the offer as 'far below the rise in the cost of living'.

RMT general secretary Bob Crow said his members 'cannot be expected to take a hit over pay for the sake of shareholders’ dividends year on year'.

DB Regio said it would be 'doing everything it can' to avert a further 24-hour walkout, but one local report spoke of the negotiations having 'moved no further towards a resolution'.

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  • Philip Russell, Carlisle

    London must have nearly the best paid tube drivers in the world these days but it does not seem to stop them threatening strike action every few months and usually striking at least once a year over something ,which goes to show that constantly throwing cash and concessions at the unions to buy peace is not always the best solution ,