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Underground denies 'collapse' claim

AN INCIDENT on the Bakerloo Line of London Underground has been followed by a war of words between Transport for London and the RMT. The union is calling for an inquiry.

A train struck an obstruction between Waterloo and Embankment stations early on 26 April, which was also the last day of a 72-hour strike by Tube Lines maintenance staff. No one was injured in the incident.

TfL said there was no link between the Tube Lines strike and the minor collision, which was said to have been caused by rain water causing a 'bulge'  in the tunnel wall which distorted the metal tunnel rings.

The RMT reportedly spoke of a 'collapse', and is urging that a full inquiry should be launched.

London Underground operations director Nigel Holness, said: “We are confident that the issue has been resolved. The tunnel did not collapse, nor was there any flooding or injuries. We apologise to passengers who faced disruption.”

Transport for London was reporting a good service on the Bakerloo Line today.

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  • Bob Grundy, Lancing

    Not being a professional tunnel engineer, I hope Mr Holness' comments are not as complacent as they sound. Assuming the obstruction was a bulging wall, has it now been strengthened to prevent recurrence next time it rains? Is this unique, or something TfL have met before and know how to handle?