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Britain’s ‘greenest’ mainline station opened by Hoon

Geoff Hoon performing the opening ceremony, with Tim Shoveller (right), Managing Director of East Midlands Trains, applauding.

BRITAIN’S newest, greenest mainline rail station was opened today by Transport Secretary Geoff Hoon.

He travelled on an East Midlands Trains’ Meridian from Long Eaton, Notts, near his home, to East Midlands Parkway, which has been built one mile from junction 24 of the M1 motorway and next to the A453 that connects Nottingham, to the M1 and East Midlands Airport.

The station, which is now served by 100 trains day, aims to get people off the M1, out of their cars, and on to trains. Journey time to London St Pancras is about 90 minutes.

The multi million pound station, owned by Network Rail and managed by East Midlands Trains, is one of the greenest ever built, said Dyan Crowther, Network Rail’s route director.

It uses new technology to minimise its impact on the local environment, including a geo-thermal heating system as well as locally sourced and recycled materials.

East Midlands Parkway, situated just off the A453 at Ratcliffe-on-Soar, comprises four platforms, step free access, a station building with ticket office and other facilities, staffed and managed by East Midlands Trains as well as 850 car parking spaces—which at present are free.

There is also a regular shuttle bus service between the station and the East Midlands Airport passenger terminal.

One of the funders of the new station was the East Midlands Development Agency whose Deputy Chairman Steve Brown, said:  “Good transport connectivity is important to create a successful economy and flourishing region, which is why EMDA has invested in East Midlands Parkway.  

“The new station is an excellent example of what can be achieved through sustainable design and high environmental standards and will help support regional growth.”

•   East Midlands Trains is owned by Stagecoach, whose chief executive Brian Souter announced that his group is introducing a new MegabusPlus service. This will transport passengers from town and cities in the North to East Midlands Parkway, where they will complete their journeys south by train. Fare for the combined coach and train journeys swill start from just £1, he said.

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  • adi, leeds

    the major airports rely on profiteering on incumbents upon landing abroad. The mighty jew it is which subverts the moral world which inexorably transposes itself unto the business world which fuels its political ambitions which are malign. The small regional airports are absorbed into this whole make up and they are scrapping for their lives while they are in the hands of indirect enemies not competitors.

  • John Stedman, Rye, East Sussex

    "This will transport passengers from town and cities in the North to East Midlands Parkway, where they will complete their journeys south by train. Fare for the combined coach and train journeys swill start from just £1, he said"

    This sounds rather like the early days of privatisation, when each TOC regarded other TOCs as competitive, rather than addressing the real competition. And how much of a green option is a bus from points north, rather than a (non EMT MML) train?.

  • leslie burge, leicester, england

    I have just read that the 850 car parking is free at the moment.
    Yet on midlands news they are saying that the charges will be £1 almost immediately £5 at easter and may go up to £9.
    Surely this is just greed and will only guarantee that it will be a flop as a parkway station.
    The A453 road is so overcrowded and needs to be rapidly improved to help
    local commuters.I could see this helping people in the south of
    Nottingham such as Clifton ,Ruddington etc travelling south to
    Leicester London or somewhere but without either good roads and bus
    links or good roads and free parking it will not work.
    Sure the rail air link should work but if it is to be a true parkway station then you need commuters. Make the parking free.

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