Posted 8th May 2009 | 2 Comments

New ‘open access’ operator fears for survival as competition looms

Wrexham and Shropshire Class 67

WREXHAM and Shropshire has said it fears for its survival if Arriva Trains Wales’ proposals for a direct Aberystwyth to London service goes ahead.

ATW plans two new direct services from Aberystwyth to London Marylebone via Shrewsbury and Telford, having identified a new market. Its trains already run from the seaside town to the West Midlands.

Having just marked his company’s first anniversary, W & S marketing director Thomas Ableman said: “If ATW’s plans go ahead, it is highly likely that we will not survive.”

ATW’s commercial director Mike Bagshaw said: “ We find it surprising that a company that actively promotes competition would claim that our proposals of two services a day from Aberystwyth to London are a threat to its existence.”

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  • Ed Potter, Surbiton, UK

    This just highlights the sorry state of Britain's railways. As long as they enjoy a monopoly, the contracted TOCs show no interest in broadening their service or opening up new routes beyond the terms of their franchise. Yet as soon as an innovative open-access operator sets up and demonstrates a degree of success, the TOCs are suddenly eager to get in on the act. Like the dog in the manger, the franchised TOCs seek to prevent others from having what they themselves never wanted in the first place.

  • Alec, Aberystwyth

    Is there any reason why W&S could not run from Aberystwyth? Do ATW have a monopoly?