Posted 12th May 2022 | 3 Comments

Peterborough train travelled three times line speed over points

The Rail Accident Investigation Branch has confirmed speculation that a London-bound Lumo service passing through Peterborough on 17 April lurched sideways, slightly injuring some passengers, because the train was being driven well over the permitted speed.

The incident, at 10.20, involved the 08.20 from Newcastle to London King’s Cross, which passed over three sets of points at the north end of Peterborough station at a speed of 75 mph (121 km/h), three times the line speed for the junction. As a result the train lurched sideways, slightly injuring some passengers who were thrown from their seats or struck by luggage falling from the racks. There was no damage or derailment.

The train came to a stand beyond the far end of the station. It was not booked to call at Peterborough and had originally been approaching the station on the up fast line, before being crossed to the up slow. The RAIB said the crossing movement was being displayed on a signal on the approach.

The RAIB is now examining how the train was driven, anything which might have influenced the driver, the state of the signalling, the reported injuries to passengers and any underlying management factors.

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  • Bernard Hulland, Shifnal, Shropshire

    I have been told that the TPWS speed trap is not operational where flashing yellows are displayed, as would apply here for a movement from the Up Fast towards Platform 1. If this is true (and please correct me if I’m wrong) then it seems to me a worrying anomaly that no doubt the RAIB will address in their investigation.

  • David, Sheffield

    Neil, I'm told that Platform 3 was (unexpectedly) occupied at the time.

  • Neil Palmer, Waterloo

    What should be investigated is why a service not booked to call at Peterborough was routed into platform 1 in the first place, and not through platform 3 (Up Fast). Signaler's error?