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Reopened Dartmoor Line carried 10,000 in first fortnight

Reopened Dartmoor Line carried 10,000 in first fortnight

More than 10,000 people have travelled on the Dartmoor Line in the first two weeks since it was reopened on 20 November. GWR said demand for the trains between Okehampton and Exeter has 'continued to remain high'. The reopening of the Dartmoor Line is the first of the Government’s Restoring Your Railway schemes, made possible with an investment of £40 million. GWR managing director Mark Hopwood said: 'Delivered £10 million under budget and within nine months, ahead of time, I am delighted to see that in its first two weeks the line is starting to flourish. The reopening has been a key aspiration for the community and the rail industry for some time, and the demand for services shows just how important good rail connections are for the community they serve.'

Night Overground returns but Underground strikes go on

Overnight trains will return to part of London Overground on Friday and Saturday, but Night Tube services on the Victoria and Central lines are set to be disrupted again as the RMT dispute over rosters continues. All-night trains will run every 15 minutes between Highbury & Islington and New Cross Gate, but TfL warned that there would no corresponding night service on the Underground, and that daytime Underground services on Saturday were also likely to be affected, with ' little or no service in places' on the Central, Jubilee, Northern, Piccadilly and Victoria Lines.


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  • Roland Harmer, Bristol

    Assuming all make return trips and eight trains a day - then I think that that works out at roughy 89 passengers a train. That’s two coaches well filled - or maybe four coaches with social distancing.

  • John Penny, Sherborne

    Interesting; how many are those no longer driving, and how many are new commuters etc? A few riders for the hell of it I'm sure (that'll be me and Grandson soon I hope)

  • Jez Milton, Manchester

    What's 10k over 14 days, per train service? [There are eight trains a day in each direction. You can work out the rest, I'm sure.--Ed.]