Posted 27th May 2020 | 2 Comments

New London transport commissioner named

THE new transport commissioner for London has been named as Andy Byford, who will join Transport for London on 29 June. The present commissioner Mike Brown will stay for a handover period until 10 July. Mr Brown will then move on to take up a new position overseeing the renovation of the Houses of Parliament. Until now, Mr Byford has been the president and CEO of  New York City Transit Authority, responsible for 50,000 staff and a $40 billion budget over five years.

Reader Comments:

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  • Greg Tingey, London

    A. Byford probably knows where the bodies are buried, which always helps. What won't help is the incompetent & arrogant DfT, London Mayor & government minister(s)

  • Melvyn, Canvey Island , Essex

    It seems that Andy Byford began work forbTFL as an ordinary railwayman and thus is not just a graduate but someone who’s done tge real job and thus has background experience to bring to the job .

    Hopefully, he will bring back the atmosphere that existed when Tim O’Toole was in charge when Ken Livingstone was Mayor and major advances were made with London’s transport systems.