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21 August: news in brief

Transport secretary ‘more open’ about TfL suburban expansion

THE new transport secretary Grant Shapps is reported to be ‘more open’ about the transfer of more National Rail suburban services in Greater London to Transport for London. Grant Shapps met London Mayor Sadiq Khan yesterday for the first time since the resignation of transport secretary Chris Grayling. Mr Grayling had not supported more TfL control, apparently because London has a Labour mayor. Mr Shapps, however, has not voiced similar opposition, and the possibility of extending TfL control to more lines was at the top of the agenda when the two met. The Department for Transport would only say that Mr Shapps was ‘pleased to discuss his key priorities for the Department for Transport with the mayor of London’, but Sean McKee, who is director of policy and public affairs at the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry, told City AM: ‘There are significant question marks over punctuality and capacity of some mainline routes – which will only be exacerbated by London’s growing population over the coming years. We believe that bringing these lines into TfL control will benefit them in the same way it has benefited the Overground network and TfL Rail. Better connected locations also have increased potential to boost house building rates and related local economic investment.’

Consultation launched about redesigned Birmingham station

PASSENGERS and residents in a Birmingham suburb are being offered the chance to have their say about the final design of the new multi-million pound station at University on the Cross City line. More passengers are expected in the years to come, because of expansion at the University of Birmingham, the University Hospital and continued regeneration in the surrounding area. The station first opened in May 1978, and was originally designed to handle around 500,000 passengers a year. There are now more than 3.5 million, and that figure is expected to double at least by 2043. The project is being led by WMRE and TfWM.

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  • Melvyn Windebank, Canvey Island, Essex

    The transfer of London services to Mayoral/ TFL control not only allows more Londoners to benefit from upgrades which come with London Overground but in the longer term the possibility of connecting lines together in a similar way to Thameslink could provide New through services.

    The lines at the top of the list for transfer to TFL must be the Great Northern services from Moorgate which will be seperate out when the TSGN set up is replaced now Thameslink has been delivered. Followed by some Southeastern services in south east London.

    Transfer of Great Northern services from Moorgate will give back full control for the tube stations south of Drayton Park to TFL thus allowing plans to fully upgrade these stations to be decided by TfL.

    Given how TFL and its predecessors have controlled its own network since 1863 perhaps it's time to transfer full ownership and control of some lines to TFL from Network Rail ?

  • barry buttigieg, croy

    tfl has made a success of north london rail.

    i believe south london rail network could be improved with

    tlf in charge.