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Olympics settlement at Southern

RMT members on Southern have voted to accept an Olympics pay deal which will see all staff receiving a basic payment of £300, with an additional £28 a day for rest day and Sunday working, plus £50 for additional late night shifts.

The union said the agreement was in line with settlements which have already been reached with some other London train operators, but it also pointed out that disputes over Olympics pay are still continuing on South West Trains, Greater Anglia and First Great Western.

RMT general secretary Bob Crow welcomed the settlement at Southern, but added: "We cannot have a situation where some rail staff are being properly rewarded for Olympics working and others are being dealt a slap round the face and we would hope that those companies where we are in dispute will see the sense in concluding agreements that are fair and sensible."

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  • Philip Russell, Carlisle

    As this olympic bonus was firstly awarded to the allready very well paid London Underground train operators etc it became a rollercoaster and now the other operators have virtually no choice but to pay up