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Qualified Train Driver

LocationAylesbury, Banbury, Birmingham, Marylebone
EmployerChiltern Railways
Posted27 July 2018

We have a number of opportunities at Marylebone, Aylesbury, Banbury, and Birmingham for Qualified Train Drivers. These roles include working shifts including early mornings, afternoons, nights, weekends and bank holidays.

This vacancy will be open until Sunday 12th August, previous applicants need not apply. 


You'll be accountable for:

  • Reporting for duty on time, in full, smart and clean CRCL uniform

  • Ensuring that you are in possession of all required equipment and publications and have up-dated yourself with any additional information contained within the late notice case prior to undertaking any operational duties

  • Ensuring that you are working to the correct ‘Diagram’ and ‘Schedule Card’ appertaining to your turn of duty

  • Ensuring that cab preparation and disposal duties are carried out correctly within the allotted timescales, to ensure a right time start to the service

  • Adhering to all working rules and regulations, instructions, standards and procedures in order to ensure the safety of passengers, track workers and any other member of staff involved in providing a safe, efficient and punctual train service

  • Making onboard public address (PA) announcements for both station stops and service disruption and, supply any other specific and relevant information as required

  • When necessary, liaising with both Network Rail, and CRCL Engineering Department regarding on-train faults

  • Completing written reports, at the end of a turn of duty, following an operational incident(s)

  • Liaising with the operations control (ICC – Banbury) providing information due to late running services.


  • Must be a fully Qualified Train Driver

  • GCSE level (or equivalent) English and Maths

  • Has a good attention to detail

  • Flexible approach to working conditions and working in a changing environment

  • Self-motivated and enthusiastic

  • Ability to work as part of a team

  • Motivation to comply with Industry and Company Operating Rules/Standards/Regulations/Procedures particularly when unsupervised or under pressure of time

  • Maintain vigilance and concentration when working, particularly when carrying out repetitive and tiring tasks

  • Ability to co-ordinate the use of controls operated by hand and foot, necessary for safe train driving

  • Ability to communicate clearly and effective both orally and in writing to convey safety messages and to report incidents etc

  • Ability to be proactive and tenacious

  • Ability to respond to an emergency or other stressful situation calmly and, where required, direct others

  • Ability to work alone for long periods, applying the appropriate competence standards at all times

  • Ability to retain and recall safety-related information, including that which will only be used in emergencies

  • Ability to react quickly and safely and in compliance with safety requirements to changing situations

  • Good perception of speed and distance

  • Ability to learn new information and new mechanical principles

  • Good Attendance record being able to attend for work at times when public transport may not be running (ie. Early/late shifts)

  • Neat & tidy Appearance (there is a requirement to wear full uniform)

  • Good hearing (meet hearing standard without use of hearing aid) & eyesight (perfect colour vision and meet the required visual standards without having undergone laser eye surgery) and good general health.

  • This is a safety critical role and all post holders are required to meet certain medical standards and be subject to random drug & alcohol testing.

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